30x6.5' | Downtown Los Angeles, CA | July 2015

NationBuilder approached me to create a collaborative and interactive experience for their 2015 company wide summit that would result in a mural design that felt deeply connected to their staff and mission.

The concept: 'Leadership for a connected humanity'

Each member of their 130 person team spent time individually brainstorming what the concept meant to them before transitioning into small group discussions and a final recap as a whole.


Two days later, I returned with several design options, and the team voted on their favorite representation: Cat's Cradle

The piece speaks to the core concept behind NationBuilder, a leadership platform that gives powerful tools and support to groups and individuals who are uniting people. 

It's time to lift each other up, through leaders who empower other leaders. Time to honor the many forms of genius necessary to support a sustainable future. Time to fully acknowledge our connectedness, and the fact that we only succeed when we do it together.

The time of One over Many is done. It's time for Many for All.


Interested in a collaborative mural experience for your team? Let's have a chat about your vision and goals, and create an interactive experience designed to distill and amplify the creativity that already exists within your organization.