I am a visual artist currently living and working in Venice, CA. 

My work is an exploration of what I view to be the single most important thing in this human experience: connection. Different series point to different aspects of the word, such as connection to self, connection to others, and connection to nature. I view each as equally important as we do our best heal the mess we've made of this planet, and to remember the ways that we are not separate from each other. It is only through the illusion of separation that we're able to let harm come to other humans, animals and our environment. 

Much of my recent work is on stretched canvas and paper, integrating both soft, natural elements and hard, architectural elements. The work is constantly seeking balance between the two, just as our natural world seeks balance with our man made empire. When a piece takes on a predominantly geometric approach, I am exploring the limits of simplification, and how our eyes respond by filling in the blanks. When a piece is mainly abstract and organic, I am investigating my inner world and giving voice to the formless.